WEBINAR: The Struggle is Real: An Anti-Racist Health Agenda From Evidence to Action

13/03/2020 08:00 - 09:00


For those who may be interested in this webinar – Ruth DeSouza chairs with Chelsea Bond and Yin Paradies in conversation about their respective scholarship, from quantifying to conceptualising race and racism in the Australian health context. Here they discuss strategies for providing an evidence base for anti-racist action and their experiences in navigating resistance to a race scholarship across health policy, research, service provision and educational contexts.


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Please note this is not an ACRAWSA associated event. Details are provided for your consideration.

Hosted by Te Tiriti-based Futures + Anti-racism 2020

Starts on
Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 10:00 AM NZDT
Ends on
Saturday, 28 March 2020 at 11:00 AM NZDT


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