Teaching while Black: Navigating Race and Racism within Higher Education

03/04/2018 All day
University of Technology Sydney
Address: University of Technology Sydney Building 10, Level 5 Room 580 15 Broadway Ultimo, NSW 2007

(Information via the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, The University of Queensland)

Indigenous academics play a critical role in embedding Indigenous perspectives and knowledges within the curriculum, however the task of teaching can be a source of stress, particularly in encountering hostile and resistant students. While these challenges are increasingly recognized, there has been a limited response from a teaching and learning perspective about how to navigate race and racism within the classroom. The purpose of this Symposium is to identify culturally safe pedagogies for Indigenous educators tasked with teaching Indigenous knowledges and perspectives within Australian Universities.

Guest Panelists include:

Professor Bronwyn Fredericks (Pro Vice-Chancellor of Indigenous Engagement, Central Queensland University)

Professor Dennis McDermott (Poche Chair in Indigneous Health and Wellbeing, Flinders University)

Dr Chelsea Bond (Senior Research Fellow, Poche Center for Indigenous Health, The University of Queensland)

Dr Bryan Mukandi (Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland)

Mr David Sjoberg (Associate Lecturer in Indigenous Health, Poche Center for Indigenous Health and Wellbeing, Flinders University)

Ms Debbie Bargallie (PhD Candidate, Central Queensland University)

While the focus of this Symposium is on the experiences and practices of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander educators involved in teaching Indigenous knowledges within an Australian University, it is also open to non-Indigenous eductators working in this space.

Lunch will be provided and spaces are limited so please secure your ticket as soon as possible.

This Symposium is funded as part of an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellowship.

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