How do we have a conversation about Islam? A Symposium

How do we have a conversation about Islam? A Symposium
Saturday 15th September, 2018
10 am to 4 pm, The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre
The Symposium aims to engage members of the community, scholars, artists and community activists on the problems of defining Islam and the impacts of such definitions on the lives of contemporary Muslims in Australia today.
It is jointly organized by the Religion & Society Research Stream of Macquarie University, the Religion & Society Research Cluster of Western Sydney University, the Muslim Collective and Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association. The symposium is supported by the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre.
The presentations will be critical, creative and compassionate interventions that include talks, readings, performances, screenings, followed by discussions. Presenters:

Safdar Ahmed
Kaveh Akbari Arya
Oishee Alam
Selda Dagistanli
Iqbal Barkat
Bianca Elmir
Siobhan Irving
Ruby Hamad
Yassir Morsi
Joseph Pugliese
Khaled Sabsabi
Reem Sweid
Can Yalcinkaya
To reserve a seat, go to:
This Symposium is part of the inaugural Social Sciences Week, Australia. Check out the programme here:
A creative development showing of the multiplatform work (theatre/screen), Terrorist/Apostate related to the themes of the Symposium will be held on Fri 14th September from 6.30 to 8,30 pm at the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre. To reserve a seat go to:

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  • 10/09/2019 13:00 - 10/09/2019 16:00

    Join ACRAWSA for a social sciences week event, co-sponsored by the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation to be held at Deakin University Downtown in Melbourne on September 10 2019, 1-4pm.

    A team of scholar-activists will facilitate a workshop for PhD candidates, ECRs and senior scholars in collaboration with representatives from community organisations to develop an online glossary/wiki for key terms in critical race scholarship in Australia.

    Recognising that much of the language of Critical Race Theory is derived from the US context and applied in others, including Australia and that often the dominant framework neglects the nexus between race and coloniality, this event will start to flesh out terminology that can be of use in our contexts.

    The event is designed for those familiar with and working in critical race scholarship, offering a way to bring together researchers and practitioners to collaborate in an engaging way and to support increasing interest in decolonial research methods in the Australian social sciences.

    Themes to be explored include

    • The deployment of race in Australia
    • Settler colonialism, race & decoloniality
    • Race as epsitemology/ontology
    • Critical intersections of race, gender,
    • sexuality, religion, ability...
    • Critical race work in practice
    • Using CRT in antiracism

    To apply send an email to with a short paragraph on how you use Critical Race in your work by August 19. Please include your dietary requirements. The event is intended for participants who have a working knowledge of critical race terminology and wish to extend their knowledge through discussion with others. The organisers will notify participants by August 23 whether they have been offered a place to attend.

    Social sciences week flyer

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