Flinders University Roundtable Discussion: Law, Love & Possibilities for Decolonisation

13/06/2018 14:00 - 17:00
Flinders University @182 Victoria Square, Adelaide
Address: Level 11, Boardrooms 1 & 2, Flinders University @182 Victoria Square, Adelaide

A roundtable with Professor Biko Agozino will focus on possibilities for justice and decolonisation across a number of sites but with specific emphasis on the disciplinary domains of law and criminology. While these realms of knowledge are often imagined as distinct, it is perhaps their relation to colonial power that binds them inextricably. Invited speakers from law, criminology, security, history, migration and gender studies will be brought into dialogue with the aim of drawing out the multiple connections between law, crime and colonisation; in terms of the everyday lived effects of laws and criminalisation and in relation to the ways that the disciplinary domains of law and criminology produce truths to efface their role in entrenching and extending colonial power. There will be a focus on the nature and role played by law/laws and crime/criminality in different realms and disciplines in order to explore new ways of reorienting knowledge and knowledge production to aid decolonisation. 

Invited Participants: 

Professor Biko Agozino (Virginia Tech, USA) 

Professor Irene Watson (UNISA) 

Professor Margaret Davies (Flinders University) 

Professor Willem de Lint (Flinders University) 

Dr Catherine Kevin (Flinders University) 

Dr Lara Palombo (Macquarie University) 

Dr Claire Loughnan (Melbourne University) 

Dr Maria Giannacopoulos (Flinders University) 

This roundtable discussion has been made possible by the Flinders University Visiting International Fellowship. 

ALL WELCOME but limited spaces so RSVP by 1 June essential Maria.Giannacopoulos@flinders.edu.au 

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