After a hiatus of several years, Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Journal is re-emerging. In this much-awaited Inaugural Issue, we recognise the exceptional scholarship that the Journal has produced in the past, and the important impact that the Journal and its contributors have made to social practice and debate worldwide. Yet, we also return ‘clear-eyed’ about the nature of the present moment, and the significant task that consequently sits before those of us concerned with challenging ‘race’ and racisms – concerns that loom somewhat larger and more pressing than they did only a few years ago. In response to this worldwide context, contributors to the Inaugural Issue offer brief but powerful reflections on the question, what now for critical race and whiteness studies? The Issue provides accessible, bite-sized entry points into a complex debate requiring our collective and sustained energy, anger, compassion and creativity, now more than ever. We warmly welcome readers back into the fray and look forward to new submissions.

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