Critical Race and Whiteness Studies (CRAWS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal aligned with the Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association (ACRAWSA), an independent, incorporated, professional association for scholars, students and activists, both of which originally formed in 2002 (for more on our history, see here). The journal is a convergence point for high-quality, original, international scholarship, reflection and debate, empirical or theoretical, that progresses our critical understandings of race and whiteness across a broad range of disciplinary, social and cultural settings. This may include but is not limited to studies of nationalism, the military, education, politics, philosophy, the environment, media, literature, gender, art, neoliberalism, critical animal studies, globalisation, power, resistance, and more. The journal is international in scope and content, while specifically acknowledging Indigenous sovereignties in Australia and elsewhere. We welcome diverse approaches to the study of race and whiteness that inform the collective project of dismantling racial hegemony.

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