Aboriginal conference

The Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association (ACRAWSA) is an independent, incorporated, professional association for scholars researching in the inter-disciplinary field of critical race and whiteness studies.

We are a not-for-profit association, run entirely by volunteers and funded by member subscriptions.

The goal of the Association is to provide a network for established scholars, early career researchers, and students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and to provide opportunities to develop the field. The Association promotes scholarship and other activities which:

Respect the existence of and continuing rights deriving from Indigenous sovereignties in Australia and elsewhere; and critically investigate and challenge racial privilege and the construction and maintenance of race and whiteness, both past and present

ACRAWSA runs the online open access journal Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, as well as distributing a information to our members via our Facebook and Twitter accounts and convening conferences, seminars, and symposia for those with an interest in understanding the workings of race and racism, in historical and contemporary contexts, within Australia and elsewhere. We also commission  reports on issues of interest to our membership and the wider community and intend to run a podcast series broadcast on this website.

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