Juvenile detention centre as seen from distance and through a fence

The Violence of the Neutral State: The Institutionalisation of Racism in Juvenile Justice

In November 2017, the Youth Justice Coalition[1] (YJC) in NSW, a group of youth advocates, academics and children’s lawyers, released a report detailing the…

Love in the Time of Terror: Slam at Sydney Film Festival

Slam is a devastating film. Devastatingly good, devastatingly sad, and devastatingly accurate in its portrayal of racism in Australia. The camera turns its gaze…
This is image functions as the cover of the blog post Unpacking ‘Cash Cows’ International Students and the Economism of Asian Racialisation'. The image features the profile of a university graduate from the back alongside the symbol of the Australian dollar and the text 'Cash Cows'.

Unpacking ‘Cash Cows’ International Students and the Economism of Asian Racialisation

ust as in the nineteenth century, the border is employed as a complex array of discourses and practices through which international students are constructed…
ACRAWSA Executive Committee members. From left to right, Fiona Belcher, Postgraduate representative; Oscar Monaghan, Vice-President; Alana Lentin, President; Nilmini Fernando, Vice-President; Deb Bargallie, Secretary; Sharlene Leroy-Dyer, Treasurer; Sherene Idriss, Publicity Officer.

New ACRAWSA Committee

On March 7, four new members were elected to the ACRAWSA committee. Read their biographies at the updated ‘People’ page.…
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