Race, Space & Architecture: Towards an Open Curriculum

Race, space and architecture curriculum front cover

This curriculum was shared with us by Suzi Hall and Huda Tayob from the London School of Economics.

This project asks what a curriculum on space-making and race-making might look like with architecture and the designed world as a key reference point.We engage with how understandings of race-making might be extended through imagined and constructed forms of architecture.We arrived at this project through our mutual frustrations of being educated in a discipline of architecture in which constitutions of ‘race’ are largely omitted, despite its omnipresence. It would be impossible to grow up in South Africa, as we both did, and not experience the impacts of the built political economy of racial segregation. Buildings, highways, suburbs and townships are constitutive of how individuals become positioned in a vast spectre of racial segregation, tangible in the shape of space and the materiality of concrete and corrugated iron. In this curriculum architecture is a way of imagining, building and validating a world. Architecture is bricks and mortar; the interior arrangements of culture in the positioning of thresholds, openings and objects; and the accumulation of these built forms and practices into social forms of association and dis-association. Architecture is also professionalised, existing as a highly mediated form of knowledge-making that interacts with speculators, planning authorities and local communities for its pay checks, compliance and legitimation. It lays claim to the physical and experimental possibilities of imagining that is frequently communicated through the visual formats of drawings, models, exhibitions and buildings.

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