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Deathscapes website

Mapping Race and Violence in Settler States 

The Deathscapes project seeks new ways to document, understand and respond to the critical issue of racialized deaths in sites of state custody, such as police cells, prisons and immigration detention centres. Funded by the Australian Research Council, it brings together a cross-disciplinary and transnational team to examine the conditions under which Indigenous and border-related deaths occur, and to explore how legal and social accountability for them is assigned. 

Moving away from individual national contexts, it seeks to identify and map, at global as well as local levels, the shared institutional practices, technologies and explanatory frameworks that characterize custodial deaths in the key settler states of Australia, Canada and the United States. It connects these settler states to Britain and the European Union in order to expose the past and ongoing (post-)colonial relations that continue to inscribe this Western configuration. By exposing and naming the structures that produce racialised deaths, Deathscapes’ ultimate aim is to stop these deaths. 

The Deathscapes website is a free-to-access resource that documents racialized deaths transnationally via a single digital site that consolidates statistics, analysis, graphics and artworks. It is both archival and analytical, and for use by multiple publics. 

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