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Between Boredom and Terror

When I first heard about the Daily Telegraph’s attack on subjects offered by the University of Sydney and UTS, my first reaction was boredom.…
Atlantic Center for the Arts

The Invisible Burden of Asian Women’s Experiences of Racism

The recent attack by The Daily Telegraph on female academics at the University of Sydney highlights a misogynistic culture in which women’s academic work…
Keep calm and be a killjoy

The Ivory Tower of Male Chauvinism

In the wake of the Daily Telegraph’s attack against three members of its academic staff, the University of Sydney released a statement defending the…
Stuart Hall, the 'father' of cultural studies.

ACRAWSA Statement on the Australian Academy of the Humanities Cultural and Communication Studies Twentieth Anniversary Colloquium

On July 27, 2018, I received the following email in my Western Sydney University Inbox: *Sent on behalf of Professor Tony Bennett* Dear colleagues,…