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Critical Race and Whiteness Studies

Edited by Holly Randell-Moon Editorial


Fiona Nicoll
Beyond White Virtue: Reflections on the First Decade of Critical Race and Whiteness Studies in the Australian Academy
Kieran Connell
Stuart Hall: Reflections on a Legacy

Aileen Moreton-Robinson
The house that Jack built: Britishness and white possession
Suvendrini Perera
‘Aussie luck’: The border politics of citizenship post Cronulla Beach
Sara Ahmed
The politics of good feeling
Alan Han
I think you’re the smartest race I’ve ever met: Racialised economies of queer male desire
Vera Mackie
The taxonomic gaze: Looking at whiteness from east to west
Jennifer Nielsen
Whiteness and anti-discrimination law—it’s in the design
Robinder Kaur Sehdev
Vanishing at the border
Barbara Baird
In relation to a white father
Justine Toh
The white fireman and the American heartland in the memory of 9/11
Bronwyn Fredericks
The epistemology that maintains white race privilege, power and control of indigenous studies and indigenous peoples’ participation in universities

Elaine Laforteza, Lara Palombo, and Holly Randell-Moon
Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Review Survey — Monographs, Journals, and Theses, 2005-2014
Holly Randell-Moon, Elaine Laforteza, and Lara Palombo
Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Review Survey — Monographs, Journals, and Theses, 2005-2014 Bibliography

Book and Film Reviews

Louise Chiodo
Colin Salter. 2013. Whiteness and Social Change: Remnant Colonialisms and White Civility in Australia and Canada, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Louise Boon-Kuo
L’Escale (Stop-Over). 2013. Kaveh Bakhtiari, dir. Louise Productions and Kaléo Films.

ISSN (1838-8310)

Editorial Board


Dr. David Singh
Queensland University of Technology

Reviews Editor
Dr. Samantha Schulz
Flinders University

Dr. Alissa Macoun
Queensland University of Technology

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Margaret Allen
University of Adelaide

Professor Marilyn Lake
University of Melbourne

Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson
Queensland University of Technology
ACRAWSA Founding Member    

Professor Suvendrini Perera
Curtin University of Technology 

Professor Joseph Pugliese
Macquarie University    

Professor Jonathan Stratton
Curtin University of Technology

Associate Professor Barbara Baird
Flinders University    

Associate Professor Peter Gale
University of South Australia

Associate Professor Jane Haggis
Flinders University
ACRAWSA Founding Member   

Associate Professor Susanne Schech
Flinders University

Associate Professor Irene Watson
University of South Australia   

Dr. Jane Carey
University of Wollongong

Dr. Bronwyn Fredericks
Monash University    

Dr Ian Goodwin-Smith
Flinders University    

Dr. Toula Nicolacopoulos
La Trobe University

Dr. Fiona Nicoll
University of Queensland
ACRAWSA Founding Member    

Dr. Katrina Schlunke
University of Technology Sydney

Dr. George Vassilacopoulos
La Trobe University

International Advisory Board

Professor Sara Ahmed
Goldsmiths University of London

Professor David Theo Goldberg
University of California, Irvine

Professor David Roediger
University of Illinois

Professor Karen Brodkin
University of California, Los Angeles   

Professor Cheryl Harris
University of California, Los Angeles

Assistant Professor Matt Wray
Temple University

Dr. Goldie Osuri
University of Warwick

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